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Tesoro Mining Company S.A.S.

Tesoro Mining Company S.A.S. ("Tesoro"), was a wholly owned subsidiary of LatAm Investments Ltd. ("LatAm").  On January 26, 2011, LatAm entered into a Share Purchase Agreement with a private Canadian company, Cabia Goldhills Inc. ("Cabia").  By means of this agreement, Cabia purchased all of the outstanding shares of Tesoro.  Upon completion of the terms of purchase, LatAm will retain a 2% NSR, with Cabia given the right to purchase this 2% NSR from LatAm.

The sole purpose of Tesoro was to hold title to Mineral Concession IFD-11271 ("the Mejia Concession"), located within the Municipalities of San Martin de Loba, Barranco de Loba and Rio Viejo in the Sur de Bolivar region of the Department of Bolivar, Colombia. 

Subsequent to the Tesoro Share Purchase Agreement, Cabia completed a Reverse Takeover with GEE-TEN VENTURES INC., a Toronto Venture Exchange company.  Information on Cabia Goldhills, Inc. can be obtained from their webpage link below:



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